We are all aware that in order to excel at any art form, ten thousand hours of rigorous practice has been advocated. Yet the absolute top experts, in addition to this minimum level of hygiene also add other key elements to the mix. One of the top violinists who was instrumental in setting this hour rule, has now gone on to say that this maxim was somewhat wrongly misinterpreted. In fact, there is wide variation among those successful. Instead of the number of hours crammed in, it is to do something better each time by constantly pushing the boundaries. For certain professionals such as medical practice, enormous data warehousing is another key ingredient as doctors need to read up a lot on case histories and other developments. They cannot take chances. In music and sports, there is a lot of time devoted to training as opposed to the actual work. In business, the opposite is true, with corporate training making up only about one percent of overall work. The experts are more interested in skills rather than cramming in facts. The education system though is the opposite so over the next few years and decades, improving the education system from the school level onwards, is the target for many.


Uploaded Date:09 January 2018

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