Newer applications are being used up by companies to rework their business models. At times, this is even leading to a total disruption of their industry itself. One of these new technologies finding a lot of traction now is blockchain. This is true for across the industries such as energy, health care, real estate, aviation, retail, supply chain management and telecommunications, besides others. Blockchain’s biggest success will be in helping entertainment and media companies monetize to the hilt. Magazines and newspapers have been unable to do this in spite of a slew of inexpensive content, but blockchain- driven digital marketing may be able to. A lot of the advertising revenue is now generated via search engines and platforms. The distribution of digital content has also been uneven. There is of course, a lot of hype surrounding blockchain. So, it is time for marketers and media companies to separate the hype from reality.


Uploaded Date:23 July 2019

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