Emails have time and again proven to be amongst the most effective methods of digital marketing. They can boost sales, engagement and loyalty if done in the correct manner. Research conducted by Forrester clearly testifies that there is a ten percent rise in sales for companies that have adopted email automation tools. Automation allows not only the right content but also its dissemination at the right time to the appropriate audience. Some marketers even use the concept of content buckets where similar content is disseminated in different forms such as blogs, white papers, videos or special offers. Widgets are used to track the opening rates and quantify relevance per customer or segment. The content distributed must also take into account the life cycle stage of the customer and his/her positioning on the sales funnel. A newly converted lead must not be sent the same material which a long time loyal one will receive. Thus events can also be layered accordingly. A very important process of any agile CRM solution is to know who the loyal customers are or in the case of an airline- frequent flyers. These techniques will also enable the appropriate cross-selling and up-selling of products. Service contracts, add-on features and in house training ought to be facilitated for new conversions.


Uploaded Date: 22nd May 2017

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