There may be multiple reasons for employees to start building expertise in a new field. Preparation for a more senior role, better pay or it could even be increased job satisfaction. In all such cases, it is essential to undertake a few specific steps to ensure it works out fine. First of all, one needs to identify the best exemplars in this field, one would like to emulate. Then the gap has to be assessed between that benchmark and one’s own existing level. One has to study by himself/ herself. The right management training would involve taking inputs from experts who are willing to share. The learner will also need to know how to pull in knowledge. He/ she will have to be something of a sponge or bird of prey to soak in all the ambient knowledge around. Experts need to be observed, when in action. Some pilot projects to test one’s mini- experience could be tried out. The moment it is possible, the trainee has to add some visible value to the field of expertise.


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