A lot of top brands are aligning themselves with social causes in order to engage with the public. Companies such as Levi’s are leveraging their own contributions for societal goals to conduct their own digital marketing. There are five main reasons why Levi’s and other brands have adopted this strategy. First of all, it increases sales as evidenced post Nivea’s “Take care out there’ campaign. It also decreases costs as shown via Virgin Atlantic’s efforts at pilots using less fuel to reduce carbon footprint. It contributes towards talent management and engagement efforts at the company as demonstrated by Fitbit’s engagement programmes. Another benefit has been leveraged by P&G and Nestle when they displayed impactful leadership through their recycling campaigns. Another tactic has been CVS’s campaign to stop selling tobacco products thus becoming the first pharmacy in the US to do so. In this way, they aligned with a cause which had a direct purpose with their work stream.


Uploaded Date: 16th May 2017

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