The definition of a CEO is set to undergo, unofficially if not on paper. This is because of the era of the all-knowing leader who barks instructions for others to execute is on the run. Instead, the new CEO will be more of a Chief Enablement Officer. One of the critical roles he/she will need to perform will be to reduce uncertainty. This will be possible when priorities are well defined in the corporate strategy itself and the organizational structure is streamlined towards this end goal. The language to be used for communication need be simple with transparent practices promoted at all levels. Another task with the new CEO will be to remove organizational barriers by increasing cross-functional collaboration. Employees need be provided with the right level of autonomy, so they may work on creative functions as well. Challenging assignments need be given, while at the same time ensuring a supportive atmosphere. There must be frequent management training sessions so that the employees may get educated on the newer technologies as well as other skills required at work. The CEO has to have a grip on the business, but at the same time must also be in touch with the outside world, so that external insights may be picked up. A really important intangible actthey need to be good at is to be the role model for all to see.


Uploaded Date:11 September 2018

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