Retirement age is often a matter of debate, and the C Suite is not averse to this discussion either. Over several discussions with different CEOs, some patterns have emerged which are the perfect steps to phase the retirement period. The first thing they all need to follow is to finish strong to retire on a high. This is particularly true for CEOs as they’re likely to have worked with a lot of pride, so need to feel the same, while quitting. A year before the retirement date set, the CEO must undertake specific management training, by consulting a therapist of career coach. If married, one must also discuss the matter with the spouse. One must also engage in goodbyes the right way, to be able to make a clean break. Before making any final commitments, one needs to take six to twelve months, to think over this matter. But once the decision is made, the CEO needs to move on. There are several good options for retiring CEOs. Serving on corporate boards is one very popular option, as is to get in to teaching. Some, even write books. Others lead non-profit organizations. One can even create a foundation. Some could serve in the government, or join some private equity firm.


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