Due to the constant evolution of technologies, there is also a call emerging for a new kind of leader. The Global Human Capital Trends report which was released by management consulting giant Deloitte pointed out some interesting trends. One is the fact that any modern leader needs to deal with an army of freelancers, consultants or external experts in today’s gig economy. There are also several generations of employees at work in the same place, leading to divergence in opinion. Another challenge is the narrowing down but top-heavy nature of leadership pipelines. This precipitates the need for formal management training programmes for leadership development as on-the-job learning opportunities get limited. Some strategies have been identified that can bridge this gap. Immediate and constant feedback is necessary for this. The leader must be open-minded and believe in agile work processes. Teams reporting must constantly be challenged with newer paradigms. Rewarding the good performers is needed as it motivates the workforce. Finally, when things go wrong, it is ultimately the business leader who needs to own up to the mistakes by being accountable.


Uploaded Date:27/06/2017

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