Frontline managers have many tasks at hand. Along with their own work load, they need to constantly be able to motivate their team members. Yet, there is very limited management training that is accorded to them. A recent survey uncovered the fact that up to 59% of such managers feel that there is inadequate training being provided to them for the responsibilities they are supposed to oversee. There exist different kinds of managerial styles, so separate training programmes are needed for them. Companies usually prefer the “always on” variety who are constantly looking for new opportunities to work on. There are also the “connected managers” who are adept are driving employee outcomes. Marketing research firm Gartner’s HR in particular feels that the self-awareness so critical among managers, needs to be cultivated by the employers. Another matter of concern is whether the coaching to be provided should be through an external agency or internal employee. Both have their advantages, the former’s clear-cut. But having an internal person in mentoring helps in the sense that employees can constantly check back on issues they may be facing.


Uploaded Date:10 August 2018

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