Goldman Sachs is in many ways the archetypal modern organization working across several geographies, time zones and cultural fault-lines. That is why the companies pays special attention to its talent management needs. One challenge facing several companies today is managing the needs and aspirations while getting enough out of the “millennial” generation. This generation typically comprises on employees right now in their twenties. They saw their “baby-boomer” parents slog hard to provide the comforts they are now feeling entitled to, so the millennials are very conscious of the work-life balance. At Goldman Sachs, special focus is being paid on management training and education programmes. The idea is to develop “producer managers”, which is why the company is leveraging MOOCs capabilities for online education. E-learning is enabling a ‘pull’ methodology for training as opposed to the traditional ‘push’ basis where information was simply forced down on them using classroom sessions and offsite experiences. The millennial employee is very comfortable tapping on such educational material via videos, supplementary articles and assignments while on the go. Gamification and social media are two other powerful aids in the toolkit of modern training managers.


Uploaded Date:23 November 2017

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