Employees’ motivation levels are often guided by the prevalent company culture. Any company looking to up its employee motivation levels needs to work on the three Ps, namely Play, Purpose and Potential. The first one refers to a feeling of bonhomie within the ranks, so that work does not become a chore, while the second is about the overall mission the company is chasing. The third can always be upped using the right corporate training mechanisms. There are several stimuli which shape the entire fulfilment of the three Ps. One of them is the emotional pressure exerted from multiple ends. Another is economic pressure, which is often the biggest driver. A third is inertia, which refers to a significant gap between the corporate strategy, and how one identifies one’s place within the broader scheme of things. If one takes the sample of airlines, Southwest usually comes out right on top, with United at the bottom, while American and Delta slug it out for the middle spots. Trader Joe’s gets the top billing among grocers, with Albertsons at the bottom. Companies too must curate a detailed career ladder to help employees plan out the journey ahead. A weekly reflection huddle within each team is a good way to start. The reasons behind the success or failures of any project need also be examined in detail with the team.


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