Amazon had earlier this year courted some of the leading Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands for a tie-up that would effectively alter the existing relationship between retailers and manufacturers. On the one hand such CPG firms are looking to expand the Direct to Customer (D2C) model, but they are wary of upsetting traditional distribution channels. Thus seven methods have been identified to bridge this gap. First of all before embarking on a digital marketing strategy, it is essential to understand, how different consumer segments are to be serviced. For this the right digital channel needs to be used just as Longchamp does with We Chat for China while Whirlpool uses several different ones for separate products. A method must be used which enhances the value provided to consumers. Unique measures must be identified that matter to the consumers. An example of this is Proctor and Gamble’s use of business analytics across their D2C channels. Newer technologies must be embraced and not feared as a disruptor as long as they add value. Online conversions also depend a lot on user engagement. Thus digital conversations must keep going. A method must be devised by which third party retailers can also be included in the channel just as Nike leveraged the huge reach of Amazon and Instagram.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2017


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