In a seminal study in 1970 by a professor from the UCLA, the importance of body language was established. In fact, a 7-38-55 ratio was proposed about the significance attached to each aspect. Words spoken accounted for a mere seven percent, while the tone of voice and the facial expressions counted for thirty-eight and fifty-five percent respectively each. When more such elements get used, time can be converted into trust. So, email which only entails words is responsible for a seven percent conviction while phone call has a seven plus thirty-eight percentage as it includes both words and voice. Face-to-face interaction added in a meeting, takes the tally up to a hundred percent. Video conferencing does not fulfil the hundred percent criteria as “looking in to the eye” is not possible. A handshake lets oxytocin flow in, tendering personal touch as more effective. Thus,corporate training exercises that attempt at team-bonding must include off-sites or retreats even during cost-cutting. This is because it takes the trust factor to beyond the hundred percent engaged through specific outdoor activities.


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