Like every other industry right now, the education sector is also fraught with a major crisis owing to the COVID- 19 pandemic and its further repercussions. There are certain tactics that institutions specializing in higher education in the US, need to consider, to ride against this storm. The first concern has to be towards the students’ overall well being. Their health, safety, studies, credit facilities, support services and the final outcomes. Teaching and business research is the next vertical that has to be worked on. This includes the course content redesign for online courses, local research partnerships and management training for the faculty members. Workplace policies will also need to be sorted for the non- teaching staff. This could include policies on internal communications. Campus operations are the next vertical. Sport is one aspect within it. It would also mean auxiliary operations and online delivery. Finance and legal is another vertical. And the final one is for external communications. The last one will also help leverage alumni relations.


Uploaded Date:16 April 2020

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