‘Authentizotic’ is a portmanteau of two Greek words- Authentikosand Zootikos. When applied to a corporate context, the former implies one with fair processes, competency, creativity, sense of effectiveness and autonomy. Here the latter means a vitality to life, which helps in finding balance in life, and the need for exploration. There are extremes of organization culture from the very toxic to the really pleasant ones. It is up to individual employees to find the right mix. Developing trust needs the kind of leaders who are consistent and will be forthright with their views. At times, their emotions emerge on the surface. Authentizotic organizations have 4 Cs embedded in their culture. This can be described through Courageous Conversations within a Coaching Culture. At such places, management training through executive coaching is an integral part in helping members learn the trade along the way. Courageous conversations ensure collaboration across individuals and teams that ascertains meaning to the whole purpose.


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