Top management training professionals are often asked how best to motivate employees. Yet these professionals usually concur that there is no need for others to motivate employees as they themselves do so. The company simply needs to accord the right atmosphere where learning and development can take place. A company must however avoid a few common mistakes which instead demotivate the staff. One such is the case where the top management and members of the C-Suite excessively invest in themselves what could have been ploughed back into the business. A related case of such pandering is when the top executives ensure that a great deal of money is spent on their office rooms letting the rest dilapidate. Another is when leaders treat themselves above the others. There will be times when employees actually offer the top management the best of the deal. It is advisable to politely say no so that all feel part of a single unified team. Even training sessions must be attended to equitably. At annual functions or gatherings, leaders must pitch in with their contributions and not appear uninterested in others’ professional affairs. One thing to avoid forever is leaders arriving late for meetings.


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