It has been increasingly observed that at several corporate training sessions, the attendance keeps falling off. This is due to a lack of trainee engagement, where subjects are often not really sure about the purpose of the sessions. Before starting any such trainings, it is pertinent to gauge the aspects the workforce really needs to be trained in. Sometimes, learning incentives need to be added in. It helps to have Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within the organization to explore in-depth on areas of concern. In order to have more engaging training sessions, a strategic curriculum needs to be designed. Certain shortcuts or learning loopholes need to be devised as this raises the trainer’s profile. Instead of constantly focusing on the bigger picture, the entire learning module ought to be broken down into micro-learnings so that trainees get the sense of progress with close of each chapter. No hurry must be intended and for any shortcomings, the trainers must not hesitate in enlisting external support. Pre and post-surveys are necessary to gauge authentic business intelligence on the relevance of the programme. Some manager surveys can also be conducted to understand how the team leaders saw the impact of the sessions on the workforce.


Uploaded Date:01 March 2018

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