A number of artists who fail to get their cash counters ticking, take solace in the belief that future generations will rediscover their work. Humans tend to think of artistic tastes a random set, though there are networks that help gauge the creative concepts as well. Hits and misses are not random, but follow a pattern. The fashion industry brings this perspective in to focus. Business intelligence provided by the Worth Global Style Network (WGSN) has provided a clear understanding on what trends have worked and which haven’t over the past more than two decades. Tastes have also varied seasonally. The floral look for instance is a part of a deeply embedded element. Concepts of design thinking are now being widely adapted not just in the fashion industry, but also elsewhere. Professionals in the creative areas must not look at these findings as the magic formula. But it helps them plan for platform strategies, so they may combine their aesthetic abilities with the broader cultural preferences of the time.


Uploaded Date:26 August 2019

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