There are some clients who respond better to certain delivery practices than others. Thus a common average satisfaction level is rarely possible. Some service professionals feel that quality is of utmost importance while others feel that clients feel the ‘wow’ factor when things get executed at speed. For companies growing fast, or scaling up such as startups it is the latter approach which is better as even funds are strained. The former approach works for larger corporations more concerned with upholding quality and their brand image. There are certain instances where both speed and quality have been made possible. Macros must be seen as positives to imbibe rather than negative. For optimal usage, a brand voice needs to be established. Investment in content writers works well for digital marketing these days as the content gets routed to company website, landing page or social media handles. Emails must also be curated with a view on customer base available. Instead of viewing technology as a threat it must be embraced to improve operations as AI has done for Digital Genius or The agent experience may also likewise be eased up using tools from Salesforce, Zen desk or Talk desk.


Uploaded Date: 17th May 2017

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