In earlier decades, it was possible for business managers to rise up the ranks by learning tricks of the trade along the way. Management training and development was organized by the respective companies themselves. Now things have changed with the decline of these academy companies, even onboarding needs to be organized by oneself. As an example, one can cite Proctor and Gamble’s training module in the 1980s which looked more like a catalogue for university courses. Now Coca-Cola simply poaches already polished talent from other firms. A lot of such leader companies of the past have seen their top executives changed resulting in this transformation in leadership development. GE ousted its CEO for under-performance, P&G is changing its whole business model, Nokia has lost business heavily to Apple and Android, Unilever is currently engaged in cost-cutting whole Capital One has seen lowering down of its asset quality. Thus, future capability training has to be proactively arranged by the motivated professionals. A sound onboarding system enables a head-start for any young professional, especially a first-time manager.


Uploaded Date:16 August 2017

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