One of the major concerns that leaders at big companies are facing these days is with people management. Especially in the age of digitization and automation, getting the right talent and retaining on to the best ones is a massive challenge. BCG has thus joined hands with The Network to gauge insights on work preferences and labour trends. Certain key trends have emerged as a result of this, beginning with a drop in the preference to work abroad for nationals of both the UK and USA. Even in lower income countries such as Romania, Poland, Slovenia and Croatia the trend remains true. Some destinations however, are more popular than the others. This includes the US, Germany, Canada, Australia and the UK which has seen its popularity drop as a result of Brexit. Employees and employers alike are in the lookout for the best cultural fit. Companies need to rigorously prepare for this by creating a talent recruitment pipeline. The methods of sourcing need to be flexible and creative. The culture could also be tweaked to fit in the majority of employees. Specific management training sessions must be imparted to work on reskilling the workforce. Governments too likewise must develop a strategic workforce training plan.


Uploaded Date:26 July 2018

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