Several digital marketing strategies have been pointed out to expand a business in the coming year. A blog is the first thing every business must start off with followed by creating a podcast. In both these, tangible actionable verbs need to be used. One needs to build a presence on social media. After this, webinars and videos need to be curated. In order to capture critical business intelligence one can offer free downloadable versions so users may share their email IDs. To add to this, deliberate keyword research has to be conducted. Infographics can capture the imagination so must be posted on the website, as must case studies to reach out to a more intellectual audience. The brand has to reach out to influencers. Adequate competitor research must be done via Google. But to check one’s own presence, Googling self is also needed. By all means, one has to respond to any negative reviews, but also to positive ones. Citations and customer testimonials must be sought for the local listings, but all such listings must have consistent data. One must join as many associations as possible. For analytics, nothing better than Google Analytics. One has to make sure to put contact info on each web page. This site must be mobile friendly as well. Online chats, press releases and holding contests are ways to engage with the audience. Collaboration is key, so partnering with other businesses is a must.


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