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Australia is one country, like most others on the planet, that hasn’t been spared from the corona virus pandemic. While offline businesses are struggling or even closing down, digital ones are actually on the rise. Some activities have seen a massive spurt. As per business intelligence supplied by McKinsey, watching movies and web shows have witnessed an increase. The use of instant chatting apps has remained the same. That is also true for viewing of online video and news content, watching TV, personal reading and the use of social media. The last brings much hope to digital marketing professionals. There is a consistent high intent among Australians to continue devouring digital content. This is true across all the age groups, as the McKinsey survey shows us. Big investments are planned for the digital space. To emerge stronger, international and even local retailers are ramping up their first- mile connectivity. Delivery innovation and crowd- sourcing is also being noticed.


Uploaded Date:09 June 2020

Germany tech and construction giant Siemens’s Healthineers has stepped in at the right time to aid health care experts in their decision making process. Normally, the process consumes long, gruelling hours, plus the handling of several bureaucratic hurdles. The increased use of Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tools is being pioneered by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in the USA. Thus, for caregivers and patients alike, this business innovation has arrived at exactly the right time. The application AI Pathway Companion is another major asset for the healthcare sector, already under a lot of strain. This app has been designed to help for oncology and prostrate treatment.


Uploaded Date :25 May 2020

It has now been roundly acknowledged that for effective digital transformation, more than the mere change in technology, a cultural reboot is needed. For that to happen, the talent recruitment needs to be geared in order to acquire talent in four critical areas. One of them is of course, in technology. Another is for people who are adept at data warehousing. The third key area is in the processes. The last one will be for people who can pull it all in the same direction. They are those who possess the capability in effecting organizational change. An appropriate sequence is to be ascertained for the same. Simply automating a process won’t work if all the disparate parts do not function in a synchronous format.


Uploaded Date:25 May 2020

The future of personalization has possibly arrived, and it has exciting changes, to which professionals need to get ready for. One of them will be the digitization of physical spaces, set against GPS trackers and AI- powered programmes, as already being implemented by Starbucks, Sephora and Macy’s. This will enable companies to further boost their data warehousing processes. Empathy will also get a boost. Digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa, seem to be pretty adept at picking up these clues. Brands will now make use of the existing ecosystems, to map an entire customer journey from one end to the other. The talent recruitment now needs to be geared to find people with advanced tech skills. Translators too are now needed. Agile capabilities need to be ramped up. All this must not impinge upon individual customer privacy. Brands need to get started on the future now, so that the transition is smoother.


Uploaded Date:20 May 2020

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