Whether one is looking to enhance one’s own employability or looking at recruitment for the company itself, there is no denying that the future of work involves a hybrid of the human and technology. For humans to thus remain effective and innovative in this present digital age, leaders are needed who have a human approach and understand the bigger picture of the corporate strategy. This will enable people to easily adapt to newer roles curated. Sometimes leaders also need to take a hands-off approach because innovation is best crafted in a collaborative atmosphere sans the boss. Such a person is gifted at coaching or at least facilitates management training sessions for employees to learn at work and reskill. An entrepreneur who is a role model must drive in deep values among the employees through sheer conviction of work. That person needs to show ample amounts of empathy, emotional integrity, creative energy and fearless purposefulness. There are seven leadership roles which are self-explanatory by name. These roles are of the Explorer, Inquirer, Pioneer, Cultivator, Convincer, Co-creator and Connector.


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