The term leadership is often conjoined with expertise. Leaders though need to understand that being on top of the hierarchy means more than mere excellence, in any particular field. Instead, it requires a balance between general and specific knowledge, plus the ability to constantly relearn or even unlearn if needed. Leadership is in essence, inter- disciplinary, entailing knowledge from sociology, psychology, decision- making theory, organizational dynamics and more. The University of Chicago’s Linda Ginzel, in her latest book Choosing Leadership, makes this point on how the best of leaders need to get the most out of management training sessions. Not only for themselves, they need to be a force for others in the team to constantly keep learning. The term neo- generalist has been coined in another book to describe people with the right set of generic and specific skill sets. Some of the greatest names in their own areas, would not have made it big without an understanding of wider areas.


Uploaded Date:13 August 2019

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