Repeated experiments have brought out solutions to help induce increased bites of creativity. There is a subtle difference between the brain and the mind, as recognized by psychologists and psychoanalysts today. While the brain is the hardware that absorbs experiences, the mind is the software that analyzed all experiences to form coherent meaning. A management training routine involving a simple game of handcuffs worked with several sets of teams revealed that most failed to win this due to over-analysis. When the mind was shut-off, the teams solved the conundrum within minutes. This is by using an old quote by Albert Einstein when the legendary scientist talks about the importance of absorbing the question in before going out to solve it. Human beings are adept at leaping or jumping to conclusions. The Einstein solution discussed in the book Winning the Brain Game, though is frame-storming. At the first stage, questions need to be generated. Once this has been done, the problem-solver has to simply decide on the two best options to choose, before whittling it down to a single solution.


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