There exists a massive pool of talented workers looking not enter the nine-to-five grind but to work in an agile environment as freelancers. This is a huge pool of talent that mustn’t be let go of. In order to get the best out of them talent management abilities of the leadership are of utmost importance. Teamwork needs to be fostered accordingly. The onboarding process must be a very well designed component of the management training module. Each such part timer must be allotted tasks specifically suited to their skill sets. Also, the work allotted must be in line with a consistent schedule so they get properly engaged. There must be timely communication with them so that proper coordination may take place. The ‘gig’ workers mustn’t feel left out but indeed part of the overall team. This sort of recruitment must not be restricted to national borders as a lot of the work will be internet based, so overseas sources must be tapped. A mutual understanding has to be set in place on benefits accrued to both parties.


Uploaded Date: 13th May 2017

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