A lot has been made about the decline of email as a medium of digital marketing. Yet, research suggests that it is still the best at customer acquisition. One of the reasons for that is the substantial amount of captive time the medium provides. There are however some steps needed to make it more effective. Segmentation for example is key as a Campaign Monitor research shows a whopping seven hundred and sixty percent rise in revenue generation post segmenting. Also, emails must not be used only to target sales but also to drive engagement so the brand appears to be keen on information dissemination. This can happen through tutorials, blogs or news feeds. Marketers must be warned that engagement without conversion is of little value, so pats in the back must be avoided until revenue starts getting generated. Emails also enable automation. The timing of the mail delivery needs to be given due consideration. Emails sent at 6 am or between 7 and 10 pm tend to get better response. Even real time replies may be automated. Since majority of professionals these days tend to check emails on their smartphones, mobile optimization is necessary. Emails are adjustable in that sense as they can open on all platforms as opposed to graphics or visuals which do not work on some.


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