If employees in organizations are not imbibing newer things frequently at work, that clearly means the leadership is faulty. Employees who usually have higher scores on the learning curve, also tend to do well on questions relating to whether they consider themselves as high-performers, or whether their work makes any difference to people’s lives. They are also ambassadors to the company, recommending the firm to others, and even the boss gets the praise for the work done. Such people would rather set smart goals, than hard, tangible ones. In order to improve employee learning, the leader needs to pose certain questions to the group on frequent basis. The first of them is what new things would they like to learn next month, so specific corporate training sessions may be arranged accordingly. The next one is about which things improvement has been observed compared to the previous month. Finally, the leader needs to ask about when in the last month they feel motivated, and when the complete opposite.


Uploaded Date:08 February 2018

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