The fight to get the best of talent recruitment is heating up with each passing year. In addition to recruiting the best, retention has become another challenge. A survey conducted revealed that nearly two-thirds of those employed and three quarter of those in the same survey below the age of 34, believe that periodic job-hopping will further their career prospects. Contrary however to all this evidence, it actually pays off to encourage one’s best employees to actually consider external job offers. This is because all kinds of employees but especially the millennial age group wants constant training and development. This kind of management training can best be achieved by pursuing a variety of assignments in similarly varied companies. It is well-known that employees do consider leaving. So, it is better that leave decisions are openly discussed as it helps build transparency. When the best of employees depart on good terms, it actually enhances the position of the company as others realize that the employers do not come in between career aspirations, while also treating the departed ones with respect. When departures are managed smoothly, it is extremely likely that those leaving may come back.


Uploaded Date:15 September 2018

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