While every single career path is going through significant change right now, none would have as much of the far- reaching changes, as would management. A decade on from now, it would be almost unrecognizable. This however, does not mean that an MBA degree would hold no relevance, or that the corner office would not be worth fighting for. The career ladders would remain, but will simply morph to newer forms. Management leaders will continue to excel as coaches or in the area of corporate training. The trickle- down, top- down decision- making structure is set to undergo rapid change. This new paradigm will also help to lessen the myth of management being a step up in career. Instead, most people simply move around over their careers. Several studies conducted, thus no longer place management as a desirable career. This stands true for USA, UK, France and Germany. In fact, only about a third of managers from such advanced economies remain confident of remaining, within managerial roles over the next decade.


Uploaded Date: 14th December 2019

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