Genius as Thomas Edison famously alluded to, was more about perspiration and only 1% inspiration. But building a company that employees love to work in, is more of the opposite as proven via a joint study conducted by Bain & Company and the Economist Intelligence Unit. A lot of commentators speak about employee engagement as the ultimate target for all talent management strategies. However, just like Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, even employee engagement is not possible without the basic needs being met first. At the first stage of the pyramid of employee needs, are those that merely satisfy employees. These include a safe work place, the right tools and resources to execute the work, periodic corporate training sessions, limited bureaucracy and a fair rewarding policy. The second stage is about employee engagement which includes autonomy at work, being part of the right team, learning opportunities and making an impact at work. At the final stage, employees are inspired. A key source for this inspiration is the leaders in the company. Fortunately, inspirational leadership can be taught with the first step always being with a 360-degree feedback.


Uploaded Date:23 October 2018

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