The roles of the CIO and the CMO have evolved in a way, that they now need to work more closely together. This will help boost the customer’s digital experience. Digital marketing used to be a more straightforward task involving the alignment between the company’s social media, website and mobile apps if any. Now, one has to account for third- party devices such as Alexa, Occulus or Google Assistant. These require real time engagement. There is thus a much shared landscape between the CMO and the CIO. The silos will need to be redrawn, so the issues may get better resolved. Since there is real time business intelligence now pouring in, at breakneck speed, solutions too require constant action and leadership. There may be overlap between the functional areas, so a CIO Marketing needs to be appointed, who will report to both the CMO and the CIO. A strategy needs to be in place to execute the shared space. Communication channels too need to be intertwined, so that the rest of the organization understands how the two are working collaboratively.


Uploaded Date:11 March 2020

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