Experiential learning is the process of combining two seemingly disparate techniques- on work experience and corporate training– into the most powerful force. Conventional training was losing subject engagement and thus this combination was adopted. One of the benefits of this combo is translating the learnings quickly into actual work. Trainees get exposed to company specific, real world problems. This model encourages “fail fast” system where trainees are encouraged to experiment, fail and then quickly absorb its learnings. Quizzes and assignments can’t completely mimic the shop floor, so this works. There are several methods of experiential learning, one of them being simulations. Another is through case studies. Role plays and sensitivity training are two other methods. Then there is the use of gamification to lighten the mood and incorporate video based learning. There is also on the job training where trainees are put into some real life situations. Overall such methods are more cost effective and ensure faster turnaround.


Uploaded Date: 22nd May 2017

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