Reviews and reputation management have emerged as a critical cog in any company’s digital marketing strategies. Facebook is a leading player in this space. As per marketing research conducted by Bright Local, it is used by 47% of customers, above the 25% who use Google or 17% for Yelp. Facebook has itself tweaked its interface by doing away with its earlier five-star rating system, and replacing it with the review system with a simple yes-or-no response. The company says this will help ensure all recommendations are genuine. If one answers yes, they’ll be provided the option to add tags, known as Rich Endorsements. Even for a negative response, specific feedback will be asked to share. These recommendations will be prominently displayed across the platform, as Facebook understands people most trust those made by people they know. Crowdsourced reviews play a massive role in the brand building, so Facebook wants to ensure complete authenticity.


Uploaded Date:16 October 2018

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