It is well known to all that taking time away from work refreshes and mind and in turn improves productivity. Yet few people actually practise this. Even when they are in the midst of a holiday, they cannot take their minds off work. Some off-work habits have been identified which can yield best results in improving productivity by actually weaning thoughts away from the work. Firstly, alternative practices that will be taken up must be focused on rather than dwelling on things that went wrong. Merely thinking does not help as the habit system only picks up from action. So, solutions ought to be devised. Another method is to physically changing the environment from those that induced failure of some kind. The work space may be physically altered while non-work activities such as reading or yoga may be undertaken. Finally, it will help to observe from a distance the organization, when actually taking a break. Hell will certainly not break lose. As part of corporatetraining exercises, in order to wean employees away from stress, companies often simulate scary situations for their employees. This helps them realize that reality could be much worse and a weekend could actually be worth taking a complete off.


Uploaded Date:15 November 2017

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