With several companies and entire sectors, exploring the possibility of workforce automation, some blue prints have now emerged, that are universally successful. McKinsey, which is a leader in the management consulting space, has identified four such factors which help in acing the chain. One of them is to set higher targets, as this paves the path for capturing clear value. While aiming for higher rewards, one needs to start off with higher bets as well. Risks need to be managed likewise. The next step is to commit to a cause, and communicate likewise to all key stakeholders. To go about this, the right governance pattern needs to be established, so that the business on its own may drive up the change. The team needs to decide on key questions such as how much of centralization is to be accepted, or who takes up the accountability for the programme. And finally, the right internal capabilities need to be fronted. For this, whatever corporate training sessions are needed, must be executed.


Uploaded Date:27 December 2019

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