There exist all kinds of dysfunctional leaders, but they can broadly be categorized under four types. These dysfunctional characteristics can be cured, thanks to the eroding stigma around mental health at the workplace. The right management training being provided, can reverse such tendencies. The first such type is narcissistic leader, which as the name suggests, is a highly self-important person, who loves oneself. Then there is the bipolar leader. These are often most dangerous, as they are unpredictable and move from one extreme to another. The third type is the obsessive-compulsive leader. He is someone who is meticulous, detailed and often cautious. Problem with them is that, due to the intricate details focused one, they miss out on the bigger picture. The last such variety is the psychopathic leader. This is a person who tends to be a bully, and goes out of his/her way to torment the team members. Such people are extremely hierarchical and do not pay heed to others’ views. It is such leaders who are in most need of executive coaching.


Uploaded Date:23 November 2018

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