Back in 2012, automation seemed to be the next frontier to capture in marketing. Now several companies and most industries use automation to some extent. Yet it has not proven to be the all-powerful solution as it was expected due to certain drawbacks and three major misconceptions. The first of these is that apparently automation can cover up for a lackluster marketing programme. While it is a great engaging platform, fancy tools will inevitably fail if the planning itself was faulty to begin with. The second misconception regards the people to be employed. In manufacturing or agriculture the personnel numbers have been cut down, but this does not apply to digital marketing. While mundane tasks may get automated, more employees are needed to work on analytics, creative and strategic aspects of the game. Thus it isn’t necessarily a cost-cutting tactic. The third one is that marketing automation can run on its own. This is inaccurate as constant monitoring and surveillance are needed. The staff or agencies cannot be eliminated. In order to make the best use of automation, the most important ingredient is the right talent recruitment. Tools are plentiful but it’s the people who make use of them that can create the greatest impact.


Uploaded Date:27/06/2017

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