Gamification refers to the use of game elements into non-game situations. Increasingly it is being made use of in corporate training. It is particularly helpful in re-skilling which refers to contexts where employees already possess a certain skills set, but need to upgrade due to technological disruptions. It is so effective due to the fun element that is conducive to learning. Human beings are known to have short attention spans, and now getting worse due to the constant churn in technology. So while byte sized learning and data driven customization do exist, none are as effective as gamification as the latter allows complete freedom to absorb new modalities. There are three major outcomes of gamification, first of them being progression which works through a narrative curated. It creates levels, stages, milestones, conflicts and the learner can map progress towards the final goal. A certain sense of pride is also evoked as the trainee gets publicly rewarded for completing levels. Another major outcome is the play part as it provides unfettered entertainment while also helping overcome numerous challenges. Code School is one venture ideal for providing this sort of training.


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