In today’s world social networking is often considered the passport to reach the topic. And while many aggressively pursue the same, there are also those who still shun such perceived artificiality. Research has divided professionals into three categories in terms of their networking capabilities and the ways they approach the same. These people are the- Players, Moderates and Purists. Players are the ones, who most aggressively seek to forge such links. They are active at seminars, team dinners, talks and management training sessions especially with seniors around. However, players have developed a reputation for being Machiavellian in character, so they need to be extra careful. Moderates are those who pursue relationships but only when in direct contact through joint work with seniors or ongoing tasks. Moderates’ contacts over a period of time tend to shrink as they are not as proactive as the players. Purists on the other hand, view such networking as artificial and frivolous. They do not want empty chatter to come in between their pursuit at excellence. They take pride in possessing expertise on any topic rather than connections, which they feel ought to be built naturally through client relations. As they are not the best at interacting with peers, there is the fear of them drifting away from the centre. True leaders’ talent management skills will come to the fore in how they manage to let purists’ work speak for themselves.


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