There is enormous focus these days on technologies that create new business models. While static knowledge is important, it is evolving at alarming rate due to such technologies taking over. Similarly, the return on assets in public institutions in the US has gone down to a record low. A study conducted by business consulting firm Deloitte revealed that more than three-fifths of employees’ productive time is spent on resolving exceptions rather than executing tasks. Most organizations these days are leveraging new technologies to automate tasks and reduce jobs. This is a trend going back to the Industrial Revolution when there was a huge time lag between growth of actual productivity and the introduction of machinery. This is because the workers took time to develop such skills. So that such a repeat does not take place, the really great business must use technology to scale their learning and not just operations. Business transformation demands that the existing workers be provided management training on these new skills so that the company can cover up for these trends. Such learning will also accelerate with work environments getting a design facelift with physical, management and virtual systems being interconnected.


Uploaded Date:29/06/2017

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