Human stress or resilience to it has been built over the ages from pre-civilizational periods. A lot of our instincts today both in personal lives as well as at the workplace derive from that period. At times, when people get emotionally hijacked, no reason or rationality can pierce it and they become defensive. That is why there exists a need to instill emotional intelligence competencies among people, often through formal corporate training sessions at firms. More than three hundred billion US dollars are lost every year and about one hundred and twenty thousand deaths likewise through this lack of emotional stability. One needs to identify the triggers that cause such stress. There could be some physical symptoms or even psychological ones. Different people develop various coping mechanisms. Common sources of stress include work, family, finances, illness, loneliness, uncertainty or poor work-life balance. Humans suffer from a fundamental attribution error where we tend to judge others on the basis of their actions but ourselves on intent. People must introspect keeping a few questions in mind such as what makes the person angry, when they become overwhelmed, when taken offence, what is found as rude, moments of irritation or what are the wishes.


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