An HR consulting startup Just-works has a position of VP who needs to work on both customer and employee success. This startup like several other firms believes that satisfied customers and happy employees are mutually dependent. The Gallup report which recently showed how few Americans are actually engaged at work, directly corresponds to poor customer service satisfaction. This correlation was proven by marketing research conducted by the Tempkin Group’s Employee Engagement Benchmark Study. For creating a more employee-engaged organization, certain steps have emerged to be near universally successful. First of all, employees must feel that activities in the firm correspond to their personal and professional development. Corporate training must remain an integral part of the work patterns. Support towards employees needs to be demonstrated at difficult times. This may be done through individual sessions, coaching or additional benefits being provided. Ultimately, employees must feel a sense of fun and enjoyment at work as this will keep them engaged at it. The ones who perform must be generously doled out rewards and recognition. This recognition need not be financial, but an acknowledgement of the good work done or effort put in.


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