Over the coming years and possibly decades, the learning ability of any organization or even individuals will matter a lot. Companies will need to instil among their employees a sense of learnability. Agility must be embedded so that people can think and act differently. When unexpected and unplanned events occur, an agile firm can respond much better and quicker to such transformations. Business innovations are then easier to embrace. People also tend to collaborate better with each other rather than working in silos. For this, the four Es of learning need to be incorporated. These are Education, Experience, Environment and Exposure. Alongside this adherence must also be built a combination of Macro and Micro learning styles. Learning new skills or imbibing information, understanding moods, mindsets, behaviours and establishing connections form macro learning. Micro involves the speed at which newer ideas can be incorporated and then executed. Five major touch points are needed to create the ideal agile learning environment. This includes learning moments through formal corporate training programmes, workshops, hackathons or retreats. Another is user generated through case studies and online learning like MOOCs. Learning bits maybe picked up suing videos, webinars, podcasts, articles and books. Practice sessions would involve role plays and active learning rounds. Finally people are important here in the form of mentors, coaches, forums and leaders.


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