The event management sector has remained almost completely closed off for the past few months. In this new reality, networking meets, especially dinners may not be possible for quite some time to come. Thus, virtual networking events need now to be promoted. For that to be successful, some guidelines will need to be followed, both before as well as during the event. This will provide the right platform for companies and individuals alike to meet their digital marketing requirements. First of all, the invites need to be sent to the right people, and also to the right number of them. There would be a sufficient mix of strangers, to elicit new conversation. Ninety minutes should be ample time for these gatherings. The logistics too need to be made as easy to access as possible. There is a wide array of video services to choose from Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts. Just a few days prior to the event, an email needs to be sent to all that will introduce the attendees to one another. A few of the attendees, may naturally be introverts, so they need be accommodated this way. During the event, the job of the hosts has to be to make the attendees comfortable. Once the initial introductions are done, the hosts must encourage all the participants to pose specific questions one by one.


Uploaded Date:29 May 2020

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