IBM has not historically been known as a digital marketing solutions provider, yet that is exactly what it is now doing in the field of travel and tourism. Part of it has been inorganic driven by acquisitions such as those of Unica, Silver pop, Xtify and business analytics firm Core-metrics. Post all these acquisiitons, IBM has created Watson Marketing as a one-stop solution to all. For this it makes significant usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its travel clients include Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) and Air France, yet it needs to add more such as Hilton, United and American Airlines, firms that have been highlighted due to their association in other ways with IBM. Campaign automation and real-time personalization is being provided by IBM Watson Customer Engagement for airlines, casinos, resorts and hotels. The experience with Mammoth Resorts proved indicative as there was a significant rise in click-through and email opening rates. Competitors such as Accenture, Adobe, Amazon and Microsoft are already well into the market to push IBM all the way. A unique feature of IBM in order to stay ahead is the focus on design thinking. Source:

Uploaded Date:16 August 2017

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