Western and Asian cultures have both always revered the university as the highest point of education. Yet, a lot of changes are afoot. Online educational platforms are now making education far more accessible for one and all. This has led to a movement where certain thinkers are trying to do-away or at least reduce the dependency on this traditional money-guzzling institution. The traditional university undoubtedly brought certain benefits such as knowledge production and delivery. It provides a screening of candidates and a formal certification. A university is also a place for socialization. One gets placed at companies using the university as a base. Now a lot of this knowledge delivery and generation has got unbundled through the online portals. Startups such as Venturesity are modernizing talent recruitment, UpGrad helping in professorships and KitnaDetiHai is helping with corporate training. There are several new niches and opportunities emerging in the field of education in the revamped and leaner University 2.0.


Uploaded Date:17 May 2018

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