The great Italian Renaissance artist cum architect Michelangelo gave brilliant insights on innovation which are still applicable today. Michelangelo’s first lesson that can be used in modern businesses is that innovators need to constantly adapt to the curve of rapid change. The truly successful ones keep learning throughout their careers. Business innovation is also about intuitively knowing what would be the right move or right product to bring to the market. A lot of people sacrifice long term creativity for short term financial goals, but they fail on the steep gradient over years. Constant management training is require to avoid falling on the plateau but keep moving up. Innovators also do not care for squeezing maximum marginal values, instead they seek to jump to the next curve. Michelangelo was a disruptor in his own time, and so are many business models today. Constantly learning is the mantra to stay relevant over a long career.


Uploaded Date:02/06/2017

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