Disruption is a term much in use across businesses these days. This is because several fleet-footed startups have taken over and disrupted industries all around. Thus, a study was conducted to assess the levels of disruption that any company is likely to face in the upcoming future. A matrix has been prepared to this effect. Four levels have been chalked up here which are – viable, volatile, vulnerable and durable. Durable companies are mature ones which have continuously responded proactively to business innovations, as alcoholic beverages producers have done by acquiring craft breweries such as Goose Island and Lagunitas across Europe and North America to counter evolving tastes of customers. At the vulnerable stage, incumbents are reeling from pressure from newer players, leading to reduced margins. At the volatile state, companies are actually seeing mass disruption such as in taxis. The state of viability exists when traditional industries have already been disrupted, but they have been reborn in differing avatars such as newspapers establishing platforms where others can conduct their digital marketing operations.


Uploaded Date:13 February 2018

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